We have been working on the Radvaň Park project since 2007. At that time, we came to a plot of land where there was nothing at all. The first stopping studies began to be drawn. Dozens of variants until we have reached the final form of what the territory should look like. We brought Mobelix and Kika furniture clients to the business zone, for whom we prepared the territory, prepared permits, and accompanied them until the approval. In addition to these furniture makers, Atrios developed 3 retail buildings – one of which we eventually built, the other was realized by Hant. The last of the objects remained on paper, but it brought a lot of experience and contacts, which we used in other projects.

The project is currently

Other brands will soon be added to Radvaň Park. It will be ASKO furniture and DEK building materials. Their construction should start in 2018 with the opening in 2019.