Mixed-use Zátišie


“The project is of high quality only to the extent that there are high-quality public spaces that it offers,” Matej Jelínek, head of residential development.

We perceive public space as an added value for all residents, workers or neighbors in a given locality. In the project, we offer it in the form of a square. We focused on qualitative parameters and created it with the assumption of becoming a local center for the surrounding residential or administrative zones. The square will offer plenty of greenery, a water area, urban furniture and options for cafes or gastronomic establishments that will expand civic amenities.

The Zátiší multifunctional complex has, not only from our point of view, but also according to the opinions of local residents, the ambition to bring many benefits for the entire city district. The priority of the project is to revitalize the area, bring a better environment for life and sensibly develop a place where it is dilapidated and neglected. In addition, bring more security and new services for neighbours. The proposal itself is based on the principles of sustainability and reflects the requirements of the city. It is designed in accordance with the zoning plan of the city of Bratislava and even includes the construction of the 1st stage of the planned extension of Tomášiková Street and the reconstruction of the Tomášiková – Vajnorská intersection.

,,Chceme vytvoriť príjemné miesto na prácu, život a tiež reprezentatívne hotelové priestory. Keďže okolie je bohaté na športoviská či rekreačné plochy a relax, hľadali sme ďalej. Uvedomili sme si, že hoci sa v  okolí pohybuje veľké množstvo ľudí, absentuje tu priestor, kde by mohli tráviť čas inak ako v nákupnom centre. Našim cieľom je preto dať ,, We want to create a pleasant place to work, live and also representative hotel spaces. As the area is rich in sports or recreational areas and relaxation, we looked further. We realized that although there is a large number of people in the area, there is no space where they could spend time other than in the shopping center. Our goal is to give them their small center – the local town square. The place where they walk, enjoy the atmosphere of the city and slow down with a cup of coffee under the treetops. Exactly something similar is missing here in Novo Mesto. ”- Ing.arch. Pavol Čechvala

The resulting spatial solution is a combination of all our set goals. We managed to preserve the unity of the locality and refer to the block of flats, which is typical especially for the localities around Vajnorská street. At the same time, Zátiší reasonably complements the city’s facilities with its function, helps it to develop appropriately and contributes to increasing the amount of greenery. The architectural solution of the project gives the complex a complete identity and at the same time leaves enough open space between the individual buildings.

Nové Zátišie will bring greenery and life to a neglected locality

As part of creating added value, we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The entire multifunctional building thus has a lot of greenery both in the exterior and in the interior of office buildings. We also plan to use renewable energy sources in the project so that we can achieve energy efficiency and long-term sustainability.

In connection with sustainability, we follow the current upward trend calling for improved conditions in office space. We know from our own experience that a person working in an enclosed building needs optimal conditions to give the expected performance. With quality architecture and the implementation of sustainable resources, we can ensure suitable conditions for workers and thus support the well-being of future employees in the Zátišie building.

A word from the developer

“In the project Still Life Polyfunctional Complex, we combine vision, quality architecture, expertise, teamwork, and the will to leave a better city behind. It is one of those complex projects for which you need skilled people and a great deal of patience. Fortunately, at ATRIOS we meet both conditions. Thanks, We are moving forward and I believe that in a few years many people will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the new Zátišia, we think that this type of densification of the city of Bratislava needs. we will create a piece of the quality urban environment that is suitable for this location. ”- Matej Jelínek, partner

Area12 000 m2
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