Your good neighbor is our commitment to creating communities and homes.

It is also a commitment to create quality projects in a good environment.


    When a new project shall emerge, we first communicate our vision to the city and people from the neighbourhood. We want to be a good neighbour, so they must be involved in our project.

  • Pavol Gajdoš

    I noticed that there is Atrios when they invited me to the introduction of their project. I had never seen such an attitude before. I keep my fingers crossed and hope they will build lots of amazing projects in our city.

    Pavol Gajdoš – a Bratislava resident

    Our projects are not just about apartments or offices. Each project contains an element that shall help create a community and a home. A children's playground, kindergarten, park, sports facilities. We want to place them everywhere where it makes sense.

  • Ľubica Kimáková

    We cooperate in several projects where we design and supply children's playgrounds and sports facilities for Atrios. It's great to see that there is someone in the property business who also considers activities for children and people.

    Ľubica Kimáková – Proludic

    We look at the future and see energy-efficient buildings considerate to the environment and fitting the landscape. This is exactly the projects we want to build. We are the founding partner of the Slovak Green Buildings Council.

  • Ladislav Piršel

    Atrios was present when our organisation was founded and has been our long-term member. Atrios has always been promoting the awareness of green buildings and makes its contribution to the growing green trend in Slovakia.

    Ladislav Piršel – SKGBC CEO

    We care about our surroundings where we live and work and want to co-shape it. This is why our live and work environment must be as nice as possible. Therefore, we organise regular events for this sake.

  • Dušan Harangozó

    We organise with Atrios a great event not only for runners but also families with children – Atrios Dračí Kros. It is not just about running, but spending high-quality time in the nature with great people.

    Dušan Harangozó – ŠK pre Radosť

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