Your good neighbor

Our commitment to creating quality projects in a good environment.

Being a good neighbor means

be aware of our impact on the present and future of the environment we enter. That is why we are committed to respecting the natural environment, respecting community life and thinking about the future of people and the environment.

Open minded communication

We believe that an open conversation with the city and the people in the neighborhood, from the first idea to the submission of the project, is the key to really good projects.

Sustainable approach

We look to the future and see buildings that are environmentally and locally friendly. We want to build such projects, so we helped establish the Slovak Council for Green Buildings.

Quality environment

We care about the environment where we live and work as well as the one we create. With each new project, we emphasize the comfort and quality of everyday life of its future users.

Community life

With each new project, we try to place an element that should contribute to the creation of a strong community and a full-fledged home. We design a nursery, park or sports ground wherever it makes sense.

The goal of ATRIOS brand projects is to think about the person, the inhabitant, our neighbor at every step and to create an environment that will contribute to better community life.

We are aware that the development of the economy and living standards goes hand in hand with the growing demands for the development of residential buildings, areas of urban equipment, and also industrial areas. These requirements, as well as new projects, bring with them changes that we must and will approach responsibly as a developer. We want to be a good neighbor, so we try to have a conversation with the public and ultimately take into account the voice of the majority.