Your Good Neighbor

Atrios will build a new EKOpodnik at its own expense

Our Zátišie project, which will turn a neglected location into a pleasant urban zone, is already known to many. Today, there are also old dilapidated buildings of the Eco-enterprise, which is used by the transport center, on the land where this beautiful project will stand. The goal of EKOpodnik, as well as our project Zátišie, is to increase the location and bring, for example, a new and meaningful use to the affected brownfield. In order to move forward and build our Zátišie project, we need to demolish unapproved devastated buildings standing on our land.

The transport center will get a new & healthier working environment

In the autumn, we submitted to the deputies a proposal to purchase the buildings in desolate condition for a price determined by an expert opinion. MEPs rejected the proposal, as the purchase would not solve the situation of the ECO, which necessarily needs suitable premises for its activities. We, therefore, decided to present a new proposal, which we presented to the deputies of the city district last week. The result of the joint meeting is a positive message for the city time, the EKOpodnik itself, and, ultimately, for us as an investor in a neighboring project. In order to be able to move further with our project of the Zátiší Polyfunctional Complex, Atrios will build a new transport center at its own expense on the neighboring plots belonging to the city district, with the consent of the deputies. The new transport center will thus replace the old buildings.

The current state of EKOpodnik’s buildings is deplorable. The work environment is miles away from the creative, healthy or sufficient. We want the employees of EKOpodnik to like to go to work. Therefore, we will build a new Transport Center at our own expense.

Together with the EKOpodnik and the city district, we prepared a study that reasonably located the transport center. In addition, our architects managed to ideologically place all other centers of the ECO-enterprise, which today operate in various places in equally unsuitable premises. The completion of other buildings will already be under the direction of the city district. However, the new EKOpodnik is starting to take on real contours. Once completed, it will save considerable administration costs and will operate more efficiently. In addition to many other benefits for city time and EKOpodnik employees, this project will ultimately also benefit the inhabitants of Nové Mesto. And we are glad that we can play our part in this positive change. It’s our strategy, Atrios is Your good neighbor.

How the new EKOpodnik will look like