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Hobby Park Prešov

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About project


Hobby Park Prešov will be a retail zone specializing in housing and building, with new retail spaces such as Hornbach, Asko nábytok and SIKO kúpeľne. It represents an investment of about 12 million EUR and for its purpose the location of Rusínska cesta has been chosen, joining the neighbourhood of Sekčov and the city centre.  The location is also interesting from the view of the nearby retail centres, e.g.  Eperia, Kaufland, Max and others.  It completes the retail zone by making it more varied and adds new brands in the segment of housing, such as furniture, interior accessories, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, DIY, and others.


The location along the Sekčov river is currently a neglected and overgrown area of no use with homeless people using it as a temporary shelter, making it a dangerous place with possible crime. The only way to transform it to cultivated environment for people lies in its development. Hobby Park Prešov is the first step towards the location´s development, being its future entrance gate. Currently, by the river there is a new promenade being made which will contain sidewalks for pedestrians and cycle routes. What is more, new trees and other greenery will be planted along the river as well. The area will include also a playground and facilities for sports or leisure. In future, it aspires to be an enjoyable place for family walks, runners and bikers where everyone feels not only comfortable but also safe.


Rusínska cesta is currently being heavily used by transit traffic. Hobby Park Prešov brought about the road adjustments and widening of Rusínska cesta  into 4 lanes in the length of about 460m. At the same time, a new traffic light crossroad with a dynamic control (coordinating the exit from Hobby Park as needed) will be built as well as a new road connecting the area towards Škára which will enable its further development in future.  Such a traffic solution is fully in accordance with the Prešov city plan and it will ease the burden laid on Rusínska cesta (traffic burden coming from the retail zone will not be excessive as people will not do the daily shopping here).The rest of Rusínska cesta will be widened into 3 lanes which is in accordance with the plans of the Road Administration (if there was no investment made for Hobby Park Prešov, the Road Administration would  do the reconstruction of Rusínska cesta with only 3 lanes all along).