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Mixed-use complex Bratislava

  • Architecture

About project

This project aims to create a pleasant location for living, working or leisure.  We believe greenery should not be limited just to parks and forests, but it should find its way into our life in the city as well.

“The quality of a project itself depends, to a large extend, on the quality of the public space if offers.”

A public space is perceived as an added value for all citizens, working people or neighbours in the given location.  In this particular project, it is designed as a square.  We have focused on qualitative parameters, creating a potential for this square to become the local centre for residential or administrative zones nearby. It will contain enough greenery, water area, street furniture and spaces for cafes or restaurants to increase public amenities.

The location of the square partially protects it from the main sources of noise, yet it still creates the right city atmosphere. In terms of its size, it belongs to the optimal ones, neither too large nor too small (30-35 m).