The territory of the 4th Quadrant near Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport is not a new project. Since 2015, the development of this area has been devoted to the previous owner, who, by changing the zoning plan, prepared this area for the function of logistics and civic amenities. However, the project encountered an obstacle in the form of a relocation of the second class road, when the negative opinions of the institutions involved on this road stopped the project. The traffic situation in Vrakuna, as well as the 4th Quadrant project, has remained unchanged since then. However, the revival of the logistics project can bring about the desired change.

The first stage of the Logistics Center 4Q

In the first stage of the prepared project, the EIA procedure is currently underway. On social networks, for obvious reasons, there are heated debates about the even greater traffic load of busy roads. However, we closely coordinate the transport connection of the first stage, as well as the development of the entire project, with the Vrakuňa district, where the mayor made a clear request that freight transport should not burden those roads that are currently collapsing. Therefore, the first stage in Vrakuna is connected via roads leading along the industrial zone at the WWTP with connection via the new bridge over the Little Danube. We consider this connection to be temporary, as a quality transport connection is important for the whole project, and in general for any logistics center. In this case, it is Transfer II 572.

Atrios in project

Investor confidence is important to us in every project. 4. Quadrant is just such a project, where thanks to the trust of the investor, we can provide comprehensive development services from the preparation of documentation, engineering to project management and project management. The 4th Quadrant project at the airport promises a modern logistics center and at the same time an undeniable benefit for the inhabitants of Vrakuna and Bratislava in general. We are glad that we can be part of such a complex project.