Near the village Záborské, not far from Prešov, it is owned by Atrios s.r.o. land where we plan to develop the area for the purpose of building a logistics hall. The leasable area could have up to 44,000 m2 in the future

The project of the Záborská logistics center envisages construction for next year

The Záborská Logistics Center is a production and warehouse hall project, the purpose of which is to expand logistics capacities in the regional city. The project envisages the construction of a production and storage hall with an area of approximately 40,000 m2, parking lots, sidewalks, technical infrastructure and roads with handling areas. Due to the size of the project, we also incorporated an adequate amount of greenery into the design. Currently, the project is in the state of territorial proceedings, EIA is underway and we believe that all permits will be issued in the summer of this year.