Log Center R7

Kostolné Kračany

The The location of the Industrial Park in Kostolné Kračany cannot be criticized from the point of view of logistics. The completion of the key transport connection of the R7 expressway and its connection to the D4 motorway reinforces the importance of the transport hub, thus only supporting the growing interest in developing this area further. Therefore, in cooperation with the Austrian developer GO Asset, we started the second phase of the development of this area during the last year and mediated the acquisition of land of approximately 20 hectares.

The 3 phases of Log Center project

The area has a permitted construction of a usable area of approximately 100,000 square meters of warehouse space. This volume is projected into three halls:

  • finished Hall II. with total area of approx. 57, 000 square meters
  • Hall I., currently under construction, with an area of 30, 000 square meters
  • planned Hall III. with an area of 6, 500 square meters

The role of developer for these projects was taken over by GO Asset, Atrios remained as a contractual partner for land acquisition, design activities and project management.

Tenants of the entire area of Hall II. is a Ingram Micro company that provides an online store for the popular brand About You. We are currently finalizing the realization of the I. and II. Picktower, a built-in walkable 5-storey shelving system (including service conveyors and elevators) with a total area of approximately 150,000 m2. The hall capacity will create new jobs for more than 1000 people from that location.

We managed to implement the Construction of Hall II. with the exception of pictower, in a short time due to the client’s request to operate an online shop. We started the construction at the beginning of January 2021 and the tenant started operation in the approved hall at the beginning of September 2021. We managed to accomplished this time and technological challenge also thanks to an experienced and renowned implementation partner, the company Strabag.

Project management is overseen by Ing.arch. Marián Jedlovský in coordination with construction manager Atrios Projektmanagement.

The whole project of the hall was designed and modified in cooperation with the investor during construction, Ing.arch. Ján Maruškin.


The KIK Logistics Center is the first building in Slovakia with a gold DGNB certificate. In this sense, high demands The neighbouring KIK Logistics Center, which is the first building in Slovakia with a gold DGNB certificate, has also become the basic technical standard for the Log Center R7 project. In this sense, high demands were placed in terms of sustainability on the new Log Center R7. 

The tenant expects to fill the workplace all year round, so as part of creating a quality working environment, we also install high-quality air conditioning in the hall, the aim of which will be to maintain a stable temperature. At least 18 degrees in winter and regulated according to the current temperature situation in summer. In an effort to make the most of renewable energy sources, the hall also counts on the installation of photovoltaic panels with the power of half a megawatt. In this way, it will be possible to ensure the energy autonomy of the logistics hall during the summer months.

LocalityKostolné Kračany
Area93 000 m²
Finished in2022