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How to transfer real emotion from real estate to the client? Let’s not just rely on photos

If you've ever sold a property, you probably know what it's all about. Emotions are key, as with all decisions. Even perfect visualizations, homestaging in photos of real estate portals, however, will not replace the real feeling we have when entering the door. So how to transfer emotion from space to the client and stimulate the imagination even without his physical presence?

PBefore we get into the very question of how to sell real estate quickly and efficiently, let’s talk about how the decision-making process works.

Did you know that no decision can be made without emotional influence, with up to 70-80% of decisions being made unknowingly?

That’s right, emotions are a key factor in making the final decision. We can logically justify why we need new housing. We can also easily sort the priorities according to which we will look for it – a certain price level, number of rooms, quiet location, etc. However, when we come to the final decision, we subconsciously prefer what we simply have the “right feeling” for.

Make the first impression twice with augmented reality

Ak berieme do úvahy nákupnú cestu (nielen) slovenských záujemcov o nehnuteľnosti vieme, že začína vždy online. Buď je to prostredníctvom odporúčania známeho, ktorý prepošle link na ponuku alebo zamieri priamo na overené a spIf we take into account the shopping journey of (not only) Slovak people interested in real estate, we know that it always starts online. It is either through the recommendation of a friend who forwards the link to the offer or goes directly to verified and reliable portals. Often times first, as the properties of real estate themselves, we look at photos.

Although the photos you have created and edited are nice and they can really fulfill their purpose. So what if we told you that the first impression doesn’t have to be just a one-time affair? It’s like looking forward to something, visualizing it for a long time and imagining how you will feel when the coveted one really comes. It’s the same with the 3D show – it’s an almost tangible idea, which, unlike dreaming, literally reflects reality. Only without physical presence.

The 3D show conveys emotion and increases the chances of a successful sale

To date, virtual tours have made available almost all real estate portals in Slovakia. No wonder when the current situation is very unfavorable for personal contact and physical examinations. The undoubted advantage of 3D shows is in the psychological reaction – they offer an almost tangible sensory experience, which is the initial impulse for making the final decision. Thanks to quality shots and a “walk” around the apartment, we can stimulate the imagination and arouse curiosity – what would it be like to sit on that terrace? Is the kitchen really that spacious?

Aký je to pocit prechádzať sa v 3D prehliadke? Pozrite sa sami. 

K najpoužívanejším patrí napríklad feelestate, vieweet, no nám sa najviac osvedčil Matterport. Digitálne duplikáty nehnuteľností v ňom obsahujú schému pôdorysu bytu, video tour a aj plávajúce check pointy, ktoré umožňujú jednoduchšiu orientáciu v 3D prehliadke a vysokú kvalitu jednotlivých záberov aj pri tlačených snímkoch.

3D tours are not only visually attractive but can also significantly contribute to faster sales or rentals. If you do not have a quality 360 camera but would like to try it, send us an e-mail. We will take a photo of your property and we will also see the entire process of sale or lease.

Love real estate? It only takes 8 seconds

Human attention is a fickle affair. He chooses what to focus on and it takes a really short time to form an opinion. Just as it works in presentations, advertisements, and in the selection of real estate, the most important of all is the first impression, which starts a very complex decision-making process. Its important, if not the key part is not so much perfect layout or ideal location, but a completely simple “good feeling”.

In fact, we cannot avoid the emotions of buying any type of property. It is the knowledge that this is probably the biggest investment we will ever make in life, we simply need to feel that we are doing the right thing. It is important to realize that we can only make a decision if we can identify how the individual possibilities evoke in us.

It is important to understand that every decision has its own procedure, which we simply cannot skip. However, what we can do is accelerate some of its phases through emotional experience. During our practice, we have learned that when selling real estate, as well as price, one rule is important – heart over reason.

If you are going to sell real estate or want to know more about 3D shows, one of our real estate experts, Dušan, will be happy to help you. Contact him m at, +421 245 151.