Good talks

Clients do not need golden handles, fountains or a swimming pool. What benefits make the project desirable?

The sale of our project Residence Na Kolibe taught us a lot. Above all, what is the difference between the developer's ideas about the perfect product and the reality of clients' requirements for their dream housing. Residence Na Kolibe This is a smaller, intimate, project with 32 apartments in 4 buildings. As this is a project in an excellent location, in a high standard and also with prices higher than the Bratislava average, it is interesting to listen to the opinions of people who will meet the project, or have already bought an apartment in it.

Although we officially launched the sale in the spring of 2017, we started meeting people almost a year before during the project phase. No matter how many pencils we broke and how much time we spent on drawings and layouts before, we embarked on a discussion with potential applicants. We wanted to know what they thought of housing. We do have top architects, but when it comes to home, everyone has their ideals and we didn’t want people to have to compromise on our project.


Most people were looking for a quiet and peaceful location, enough space in the apartment, a smaller project with a small number of apartments built with quality and quality materials, and last but not least, they were interested in the views.

When we started the project, the location was one of the things we had nothing to do with. And how good, as our land is situated on the eastern slope of the hill of the Stráž zone. A few minutes from the city center, but at the same time residential houses are installed in the development of family houses and smaller housing projects with a few floors. In addition, far enough from the main road and without any contact with the railway, which lines almost the entire Podhorský belt from the bottom. For those who like the hills and explicitly fell in love with the Bratislava Koliba, this location is definitely an attraction.


Gorky said, “There is plenty of room in life for heroic deeds.” We say we have plenty of room to live for an individual or for the whole family. We know from our experience that finding a more spacious apartment in Bratislava can already be a problem. The best ones are mostly sold or dealt with by happy owners indefinitely. Not everyone wants to build a family house. It is not easy to find the right land right in the city and even at an affordable price. We designed our apartments as if we had to live in them ourselves.

Spacious living areas with city views, comfortable bedrooms with options for generous storage space, above-standard bathrooms and extra storage space in larger apartments. In addition, by laying out the load-bearing walls, we give the owners space with dispositions to work in the future. In addition, in the case of penthouses, the owner has a raised floor, which allows him to reevaluate his living space even after a few years and almost turn the apartment upside down according to new needs. bathrooms and extra storage spaces in larger apartments. In addition, by laying out the load-bearing walls, we give the owners space with dispositions to work in the future. In the case of penthouses, the owner also has a raised floor, which allows him to re-evaluate his living space even after a few years and almost turn the apartment upside down according to new needs.

Front gardens, terraces, loggias, balconies

People near the apartments are also interested in outdoor spaces. With us, each of the 32 apartments has its own balcony, loggia, terrace or front garden. With such a project, it must be a generous space, which we firmly believe we have succeeded in doing. The few smaller apartments are not about the area, but about a reasonable shape. This means that you can comfortably place a seat on the balcony or loggia. However, most apartments have generous exterior spaces up to several tens of square meters. 12 apartments even have their own front garden, which can replace living in a family house.


We are very happy to call our project the word “intimate.” In our largest building, you will find only 13 apartments. There are 7 flats in the next two buildings and only 5 in the smallest. Clients who visit us and have already decided to live in the Na Kolibe Residence are very nice people. We highly recommend such neighbors to everyone. In any case, you will find more privacy in a residential project than in our country, mostly only in a family house.

Materials / Project standard

Nowadays, buyers also pay great attention to the material design of the project and its overall equipment. We are happy to be able to meet their needs in this and offer a building that aspires to energy class A +. In addition, we sell flats with a standard that is more suitable for the above-standard attribute. These include high-quality wooden floors, large-format ceramic tiles, rebates interior doors with increased headroom, and branded sanitary ware. A great advantage are also external electrically operated blinds and we also like to be proud of the ceiling cooling, which will slowly but surely replace the classic air conditioning.

To the views

You need to come and see for yourself and no further description will be needed.

At the beginning, we thought that clients would change our apartments and improve them in various ways. Now, with the passage of time, we are extremely happy that we have met the tastes of many who are going to enjoy new housing even without changes.