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Bratislava does not need world-class architects

What we need is world architecture

And we can do such in our own kitchen. Why it doesn’t look like that sometimes is definitely a question on the spot, but there is an answer to it. Architects in our country are not responsible for what the market is like in our country. Although the “Western world” is gradually catching up, project economies work differently. End users are usually unable to pay for real estate as much as in other countries. Investors’ behavior and expectations are also different for various reasons, such as the attractiveness of investing in a country where they assess risks such as stability, corruption, length of permitting processes and the like.

These, but also other parameters, will significantly tie the hands of the architect, as the budget is usually tight. Then their proposals are submitted by the authorities and various institutions, which have to defend their interests as a matter of priority, the old building law and many times, for example, the neighbors, whom you would rather meet than fight for any construction. Then it may seem that our architecture is not like the world’s.

Why are the world’s architects a “better choice”?

The claim that the world’s architects are better is also helped by the fact that several current major projects in Bratislava have resounding names from abroad. But with these projects, the architect also has a freer hand and more options. In addition, the market and real estate prices have changed so much in recent years that there is gradually room for quality solutions and the potential for further improvement. It is a pity that we do not give these opportunities to our talents as a priority. There are many of them and they want to make Bratislava, where they live, a more beautiful and better city.

This can be seen not only in emerging projects. Tangible evidence is already standing here today. From my point of view, these are buildings such as Danubiana, Hájpark, Twin City, Mlynica and many others (certainly you could name dozens of others, and I deliberately do not mention our own projects 😊).

Architecture from Slovakia has potential

Strengthening the word of architects in the process of creating a project, opens their eyes, motivates them, gives more space to their creativity, and thanks to that their work is better and better. I perceive it up close and on our projects. Once the architect has freer hands, the results are great and definitely worthy of Bratislava in the 21st century. I am glad that at least we, for example at our Still Life, did not reach for foreign architects, but we do with ours.

We cooperate with the A3 Architekti studio on all projects that we are currently developing with us. This cooperation with a smaller, but not less experienced study, allows us to respond flexibly, regularly and personally discuss the proposal. What we value most about this cooperation is humility and respect for the environment or the needs of the end customer. If the studio is smaller, it does not mean that its outputs will be of lower quality. On the contrary. We will see in them what many large studios often lack – a heart and a special approach.

So I’m sure we don’t have to go beyond world architecture. Let’s give our (generally Slovak) architects a chance, so far they may not have had it that way.

Ing.Matej Jelínek | Head of residential development