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Welding Research Institute – Ministry of Justice

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About project

Although the building of the Welding Research Institute on Račianská Street is one of the historical buildings, it has been neglected for many years. However, the year 2018 started plans for its reconstruction, the reason for which is a change in the purpose of the building – today the Ministry of Justice is located on the premises of the reconstructed institute. Our goal was to preserve the essence of this historically valuable building throughout the process.


The aim of the reconstruction was to preserve the original architectural heritage

The building of the welding institute bears the historical legacy of the world-famous welding expert Jozef Čabelka. The aim of the reconstruction is to preserve this legacy, so during the whole process we worked closely not only with the investor but also with the son of the original architect, Mr. Kuzma Jr. Our effort was to find a solution that will allow us to preserve everything valuable and give the building a new life. During the complete reconstruction of the building, it was of course a priority to keep the original legacy of the architect and at the same time preserve interesting artifacts, material solutions and valuable mementos of the time. The other side of the reconstruction are today’s heat-technical and all other standards. In the end, we wanted to interfere with the original architectural work as little as possible.