Factory 48


In 1893, the story of the Franck coffee factory began in Košice. The sons of the original owners continue this story even today, the former factory for years after the first brick was laid. Today, the Fabrika 48 project creates new offices and retail space in a unique industrial style. The genius loci of this building represents what can no longer be achieved with today’s modern architecture.


Restoration of a national cultural monument

The reconstruction of the warehouse building of the former coffee factory will create representative commercial and administrative premises that are unparalleled in Košice. The combination of old architecture, construction processes and materials used with new technologies and the business function of the building created a unique building. During the reconstruction, the emphasis was mainly on the use of renewable resources, environmental impact and long-term sustainability. In the interior of the building, the emphasis on a healthy working environment and indoor climate stands out in every detail.

Finished in2020