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22. July

The Hobby Park in Prešov is complete: the new ASKO-Nábytok store completes the 20 million project

Hana Baňacká

On June 26, together with our partners HSF Systém SK and the German investor Porta, we ceremoniously opened the eighth ASKO store – Nábytok in Slovakia. Together with two international brands Hornbach and SIKO bathrooms, the new store completes the integrity of the entire newly built shopping zone. How did the construction of the last part of the Hobby Park Prešov proceed?

Eighth store ASKO – Furniture in Slovakia in the highest quality

ASKO – Furniture is an internationally known brand that has a clearly defined vision and direction. The mission of the brand is not only to provide the best customer service and inspiration, but above all to guarantee customer satisfaction in all aspects. We took the vision of this brand to heart and handed over the eighth store to the investor on a turnkey basis and on time in the highest quality.

The ASKO – Nábytok store in Prešov is built with the same construction system as the stores in Banská Bystrica. The construction system of the building consists of a prefabricated reinforced concrete prefab system, a PVC foil roof with mineral insulation and trapezoidal sheet metal and a folded sandwich facade. The choice of individual materials is the optimal solution for this hall type of store.



The store opened 3 months earlier than the contractual date

The main part of the construction of the ASKO – Nábytok store took place in the first quarter of 2020, ie in the highest boom in a pandemic in our territory. We were aware of the risk that the virus brought with us and we did not want to underestimate anything. Therefore, the safety of all workers on the construction site was paramount, which the investor corrected with strict rules and hygiene measures. We consider it a great success of the cooperation between the technical supervision of the investor, the work of the general contractor HSF Systém SK and the construction management Atrios Projektmanagement that we officially opened the store at the end of June 2020, despite COVID -19 3 months earlier than originally planned.


Using the exclusively local workforce

When implementing our projects, we try to focus on the domestic market. In the case of the construction of the ASKO store, the entire construction was carried out exclusively by the Slovak workforce, which not only enabled us to meet the deadlines but above all to ensure income for the employees even during the pandemic. From our point of view, it was an extremely effective step, which proves that in Slovakia we have not only a professional but also a reliable workforce.

Flexible responses to changes in the project are enabled by in-house cooperation with the projection

Hobby Park Prešov is a project that perfectly communicates the invaluable advantage of Atrios Group – in house cooperation between architects, project managers, and real estate. Thanks to this close cooperation, we were able to determine the pace of the entire process within the Hobby Park, from the acquisition of land, urban design, processing of project documentation for zoning decisions, and building permits to the project construction management itself.

“Such cooperation is very effective from the point of view of project management. We can flexibly respond to client requests and work them almost immediately without having to organize meetings with an external company. From our point of view, this also represents an advantage for clients, because we save not only time but also costs in the end, ”evaluates the resulting cooperation of all Atrios division project manager for SIKO bathrooms and ASKO – Furniture in Hobby Park Prešov.


An important piece in this puzzle, however, is the choice of the general contractor. With regard to the quality of work performed and experience in previous projects, we chose the company HSF Systém SK for the entire Hobby Park Prešov.

The ASKO – Nábytok store is the last completed project in the newly built Hobby Park Prešov shopping zone. Together with the Hornbach and SIKO bathrooms, the bathrooms form a whole with a built-up area of ​​almost 80,000 m2. The total amount of all realized sales exceeded the value of 20 million euros.

“Hobby Park Prešov is an exceptional building both for its location in the locality and for the inhabitants of the third-largest city in Slovakia. We are pleased that the international professional public has also awarded it twice with the CIJ Awards 2019 and HOF Awards 2020 as Best Retail Development, “said Vladimír Jakša, managing director of Atrios.