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Architectural competition – Snežienka

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About project

In October 2019, the Bratislava-Nové Mesto city district announced an ideological urban-architectural competition to propose the most appropriate solution for the revival of the former Snežienka cruise restaurant and its immediate background in the Železná studnička recreational area, including connection to the valley station of the Kamzík cable car.


Snežienka respects the original object

The building itself is part of a significant landscape environment. That is why we have tried to minimize interference with our environment so that its operation does not disturb the surroundings and at the same time brings added value to the territory. In addition to the attractive architecture, we have also implemented useful features such as multifunctional halls, gastronomic operations and bicycle rental for visitors and tourists. The advantage of the design is the variability of individual plants, which can operate independently if necessary. The mass dominates the cubic multifunctional hall, which is seamlessly connected to the restaurant and relieves towards the cable car, which creates a residential terrace with seating.

Emphasis on natural materials

In the exterior and interior of Snežienka, we use wood as the dominant element. In the form of partially exposed frame structures and the verticality of the elements on the facade, it adds lightness to the main object. The frames with an axial distance of 2 meters are complemented by panels which, by means of swiveling in combination with reflective and movable surfaces, provide various light and visual conditions for the multipurpose hall. These turntables regulate heat losses/gains at different times of the day and times of the year.

Multifunctional hall, restaurant, cafe and also a barrier-free movement

The central element of the design is a multifunctional hall located on the ground floor, accessible from the lobby area. Hall with a free height of two floors with a capacity of about 90 people, creates opportunities for various leisure, sporting events, and social events. At the second floor level, the second smaller space is implemented as part of the design, which is used for educational activities, coworking, and smaller lectures.


The main function of the building is a restaurant, operationally arranged on two floors. Compared to the original, we reduced it, giving space for additional functions, and thus increased the overall usability of the building itself. The restaurant is accessible from the lobby and also has a direct exit to the outdoor terrace where people can enjoy the outdoor environment and fresh air in summer.

Right at the exit of the cable car, visitors can open the outdoor terrace of the café / bistro, which is to be used mainly in summer. The café should be operated independently of the restaurant. Since the location of Železná studnička is a popular place for cyclists and tourists, we also designed a rental of sporting goods for visitors to Snežienka. 

The architectural study of the Snežienka building is the work of our team of architects – Ing. arch. Pavol Cechvala, Ing. arch. Ivana Jablonska, Ing. arch. Oskar Meszar, Ing. arch. Matus Slamka, Ing. arch. Radka Slaná. See also other studies that were made in our studio.