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14. May

Real estate development and virtual reality: Above-standard experience with a future project

Hana Baňacká

Thanks to virtual reality and an online tool, we figured out how to work smoothly and continue to create value. From day to day, we exchanged the meeting for an online meeting in MS Teams, moved all the data to the Share point and, using virtual reality, we carry out online tours of new projects or apartments on offer. What may sound like a few steps at first is the key to winning over the crisis

On the Internet, you can find a number of forecasts of the development of the real estate market, experts’ thoughts on how the situation regarding COVID-19 will affect the economy and business strategies. However, their usefulness lies in naming the existing facts. The secondary task is to inspire us to take the next steps. Although the crisis has slowed down almost everything, it is more important than ever to keep creating an advantage even in this negative situation. Ours is online space and technology.

Better visual imagination and more engaging designs

As in the promotional environment, visual stimulation is extremely important. Attractive visuals with high-resolution graphic elements must best present the architectural concept. Visualization skills are therefore highly valued among architects, but like all other skills, they require time, effort, and, above all, development. Today, virtual and augmented reality no longer belongs only to the world of games, the experience of “traveling in time and space” can also be very cleverly used in projection. Already during the development process itself, we can look into the core of the design, materialize what is on paper and edit even the smallest details.


We quickly mastered virtual reality in our work as well. If you’re wondering how it all works, get in touch 🙂

It is said that getting your ideas to attention is as important as having them, so we try to bring the soul and a certain moment that is being spoken to people into all the visuals. Arch-Wizz, a handy platform that conveys a number of tutorials for more attractive post-production, helps to create visuals that faithfully represent the design itself and develop the imagination. You will find various styles of drawing, explanations in the form of articles, and also a number of online resources from textures, fonts, images to 3D models. If you need a little inspiration, in the Meet the artist section you will find not only original graphics but also inspiring designs for architectural visualizations.

Provide an above-standard experience to future investors

It doesn’t matter if we are designing a 15-story building but a smaller residential building, it takes a lot of effort to convince potential investors. The very fact that it is an investment in something that only exists on paper so far is (not only) from their point of view relatively risky. Our task is therefore to answer their subconscious questions – will the project really meet expectations? Does it convey what they need? How will they feel when they first enter the building?


One of the most important steps we are planning in the short term is a public online presentation. As part of its preparation, we are also implementing a “walk” in the project being prepared. Follow us on Facebook, we will show you how it will go.

Virtual reality is a really concise way to answer these questions and at the same time move us all to another world for a while only with the help of glasses. Superior experience makes it possible to create an interaction with a place that does not yet physically exist, and at the same time to establish an important emotional connection. Although the current situation does not yet allow you to try a walk through the future, so a weaker decoction will suffice. Assuming you are presenting a project in front of key people, try holding an online meeting through MS Teams and simply sharing the screen. This way they will be able to watch your steps in the foyer of the new office building, see through your eyes.

Tip from us: MS Teams is an application that can do much more than just organize a conference online meeting. They help us maintain seamless communication between departments, share large files, and work on a single document at the same time. You can read about all the gadgets we have discovered here.

What are the benefits of augmented reality for real estate development?

The word development, especially in connection with real estate and city building, carries with it a number of prejudices. Our task is to overcome these negative associations and try to present to the public with the greatest possible transparency what real development really means. However, the classic ways of building positive awareness are no longer enough. Augmented reality offers a helping hand on how to differentiate and at the same time present the true essence of the developer, on several fronts:

  • Easier understanding of developer activities

Augmented reality visualizations work much better than photos, text descriptions, or even videos. The reason is simple – they make it easier for our brains to compose their own image of reality by giving it a finished look. This is especially helpful if you are planning to design a large building, such as a dominant 15-story building. In a 3D design set in a real environment, it is more acceptable for the client, because he sees direct connections and the real scale.


There are many companies on the market to help you prepare attractive 3D visualizations. The TODA team develops interactive 3D content and applications for Windows, Mac iOS, Gear VR, and many more.

  • It arouses interest and engages in the process of creation

Virtual and augmented reality provides an irreplaceable and at the same time simple psychological benefit for the layman. The view through special glasses is to some extent really fascinating. This ability to amaze a person is one of the strongest psychological-marketing appeals that engage people in the creative process and arouses their interest in seeing more. A handy way to turn a viewer into a real customer.

  • New opportunities for more attractive marketing

Technology moves the world, of course, we have known for a long time and we feel it in private life. It is natural that people are fascinated by everything new and fun. We can use this interest in “sci-fi” things for our own profit. Just think boldly and implement innovative tools to present what we do. For example, use geo-tags to locate augmented reality objects in print catalogs or interactive floating CTA buttons on project presentation websites. And we probably don’t even have to talk about the possibilities of advertising in the online space.


Augmented reality works well in cooperation with printed material. Imagine a simple application that will show you the real look of a future project when you switch your phone to a billboard on a construction site. Impressive, though?

What does it mean to move real estate development to online space? Wait and work patiently. Show up while staying at home. With online technologies, it is really possible to maintain a smooth flow and in some cases can provide even greater added value than under normal circumstances. The only question is how quickly you can adapt the usual processes to the new conditions and how very creative you are willing to think. However, the key is not to stop creating and show the world that you are active in any situation. Maybe it is from this state that several interesting opportunities will arise.

What do you think? If you have experience with virtual reality, or tips on how to improve this sci-fi experience, write to us.